Introducing the John Cunningham Student Centre

With a bold but timeless façade that honours our distinctive Scottish heritage and the adventures of boys, the John Cunningham Student Centre will provide all the support boys need to flourish.

Stevenson Library watercolour render 2 panorama

Our Scottish heritage is deliberately highlighted in the architectural treatment. The original intent of this style was as a fortified building, a defensible structure, and as a stronghold and a home. It will symbolise strength, security, and character.

Conceptualised over the course of several years, the John Cunningham Student Centre will spur personal growth, curiosity, connection and imagination in every boy.

Distinctive features of the Student Centre:

  • Activity-based working environments for collaborative learning
  • ‘Deep zones’ for immersive reading and independent study
  • Expansive social spaces for sharing the journey to manhood, and connecting and supporting boys after they graduate
  • Consultation hubs for boys, families, teachers and allied health carers such as psychologists and occupational therapists to provide effective collaborative care
  • Conference facilities and high-tech observation classrooms to build a global network of expertise
Stevenson Library water colour render 1